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Dell is not great anymore or my story with Dell…

In this post I would like to share with you my recent experience with DELL technologies.

The beginning of this, 2019 year, started with the exciting news announced at the CES 2019, where Dell presented so called “Revolutionary 17-inch gaming laptop with upgradeable and overclockable parts” – Alienware Area-51m. As my current laptop, I wright this post at, is quite old and damaged, I decided that didn’t want to buy a new laptop without the possibility to upgrade it. I got really excited with the announced news, therefore I decided that that was the sign to finally buy a new laptop.

I started collecting collecting money, waiting for the beginning of the sales, as that model costed almost $5000 after the taxes. At the mid March 2019 I found sales of laptop only via official Dell USA website. Thanks to my family and friends, who helped me collecting money for my birthday present, I placed the order for the unit and was waiting for 3 weeks before the shipment, as the unit was not produced yet.

By the beginning of May 2019, I received laptop and was a happy user of it….. Well for 4 hours only – the motherboard got burned after, with typical burning smell, smoke and all other special effects. As you already guessed, I was shocked and extremely disappointed. As by that time the transfer of the International warranty for the country I currently live in was not completed, I had to send the laptop back to the USA to exchange it for the new one.

The new, replaced laptop was not produced yet as well, so I had to wait until mid-July 2019, when it reached me finally. And…. Guess what??? It had another manufacturing defect – the Tobii Eye Tracking sensors were dead. Therefore, as this time laptop at least was not burnt, I spent a week testing the laptop with the Microsoft and Tobii Eye Tracking support teams, to make sure it was a technical issue, but not a software one. Both teams concluded that it was a hardware problem during the assembly process from Dell side and it had to be fixed in their service centre.

After having the second serious issue with the newly arrived laptop, I concluded that Dell does not perform any quality control checks at their assembly lines.

After I finally received the International Warranty transferred to the current residency country, I brought laptop to the official service provider for Dell in order to fix the technical issue. A technician informed me immediately that the repairing process could take from two to four weeks, as they already had a similar issue with a different laptop. He also told me that buying Alienware Area-51m was not the best idea, as this model had many issues and internet is full of complaints from the angry customers.

After the issues I already experienced with this laptop and such a promising feedback from the technician, I realized that I was far away from a fast and happy problem solving moment, and started practicing patience to minimize the emotional impact from this disgusting situation.

Unfortunately, I was right by being sceptical – after 3 months of constant messages about replacement of the laptop parts every week or two, and constant work status checks by the phone, my patience disappeared completely and by the mid-September I escalated the laptop issue with the local Dell office – still trying to be polite, as I do not see much sense in scandals.

After I explained the situation, and Dell checked the product management history from the service provider, they offered to replace this unit as well and send me the new laptop by not later than the October 15, 2019 at maximum. I accepted their offer, but requested also to ship the unit at their cost, as well as to compensate the wasted warranty time for the period I didn’t possess the laptop (which is already almost 7 month by today), as there was no fault from my side. Those were the minimal fair conditions for me, as I already wasted a lot of costs, time, efforts and emotions because of the Dell’s manufacturing issues. Therefore, I truly believe that Dell must have offered me a really good service recovery, as every month laptop was dropping its value and I lost a huge amount of time and money, as well as possibility to enhance my working and gaming experience because of Dell being irresponsible and its low quality products.

Today is the November 5, 2019 and until now, I did not receive neither new laptop nor normal service recovery or positive respond to my warranty extension request. The Dell representative, who was communicating with me, left the office for vacation without even informing me or updating on the laptop arrival status. After numerous e-mails and reminders, they responded that the ticket was closed in their system without any delivery information or confirmation from my side.

So, to summarise – as of November 5, 2019:

  • I do not have the laptop, even the broken one, as Dell collected it from the service centre to exchange it for the new one;
  • I wasted $5000 USD and did not receive any compensation;
  • Dell representatives for both the USA and the UAE are extremely unprofessional and irresponsible – they were giving me contradictive information confusing and delaying all the processes. Dell UAE staff does not move a finger to fix the issue or make a simple follow-up, until you make an angry phone call or send an angry e-mail. The only exception was the International Warranty Transfer team – they were polite and effectively fixed the system error their colleague made during the warranty transfer.
  • Dell website is totally user-unfriendly and I was constantly struggling to find useful information, especially the contact details for the Dell UAE;
  • I did not receive neither warranty extension for my lost laptop, nor any service recovery from Dell;
  • For the past few weeks I stopped sending angry e-mails, and it looked like Dell forgot about my problem existed at all, as I didn’t receive any communication.

To be honest, I am so frustrated, disappointed and tired from all this hustle that I cannot even be angry anymore or express my emotions in the way Dell deserved it.

I do not believe in a happy resolution of the scenario, as well as I do not believe Dell anymore or in the quality of their products. Dell is not great anymore, unfortunately. So taking into consideration all of the facts, I will try to request my money back.

I honestly do not recommend buying Dell products anymore. I am serious – DO NOT BUY DELL PRODUCTS, at least Alienware Area-51m laptop, as it is a very bad product and none of the laptops I received was working properly. However, if you really want or need to buys something from Dell – think twice and be ready to become another hero of a similar story….

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